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At Apothecary by Design we are patient advocates. Our mission is to improve the quality and affordability of healthcare for the people we serve through innovative pharmacy practice.

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You may remember a time when the “apothecary” was a place where you could get safe, reliable medicine, carefully prepared by experienced professionals. It was a place where your pharmacist counseled you regarding your prescriptions, was proactive on your behalf and carefully coordinated your care with your healthcare practitioner. But in today’s world, where bigger leads to bigger still, something’s been forgotten: your pharmacy should be about your health, not selling wine and lawn chairs.

Welcome to Apothecary by Design.

We’re a pharmacy that’s uniquely focused on the practice of pharmacy. Our integrated pharmacy model brings together traditional prescriptions with customized compounded medications, nutritional support and cutting-edge specialty pharmacy services, providing patients and healthcare practitioners with a wide range of tools and expertise.

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