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Fighting Fatigue and Getting the Rest You Need
April 28, 2010

A panel of experts from Women to Women - a leading health care practice for women, by women - will be sharing their health insights on the multifaceted causes of fatigue and how to overcome it April 28 at Apothecary by Design. It's not only sleep disturbances which feed the continuing fatigue many women feel today. Food or environmental sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, and continued stress may all play a part.We'll take a look at the many facets of fatigue and how you can start to identify what might be keeping you tired.

Join Women to Women practitioners Carrie Levine, CNM, Jay Reighley, WHNP and Cate Gaynor, FNP for an evening of discussion and learn an integrated approach to staying energized, restored, and well rested.

Space is limited so register today.



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